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Ecoslay was founded in 2015 by Adria, and since then it has grown tremendously!

Each product is 100% handmade in Adria’s kitchen and sent from her own house, therefore production time can be longer than other brands.

Sydney, Adria, Jasmine and Chris are forming Ecoslay team and they are believe strongly in their values:

‘’Reach one, teach one’’:

Ecoslay’s team passion is all about haircare. They have learnt and developed some knowledge over the years and experiences with all their customers since they started this adventure. They want to share all this knowledge with their community, hence they share an explanation about all the ingredients they use in each product.

‘’Use ingredients that are good for you’’:

Ecoslay believes we are what we eat, and what we put on our body is as important as what we put in our body. We are more aware about what we eat, organic food, fruits and veggies and avoiding processed food as much as we can, we must be aware of what we put on our hair/scalp and pay attention to all ingredients used in our hair care products. Each ingredient in Ecoslay’s products are carefully picked because it is good for us and gets the job done! Therefore you can enjoy all Ecoslay products without worrying about what’s inside, they have your back!

‘’Respect the environment’’:

Ecoslay is aware the world we live in is a heritage thanks to those who were here before and we should make sure to keep it and preserve it for those who will come after us. This is our home. We have the responsibility to consider this in our everyday life, be grateful for what we have and think about the future.

In the same spirit, Ecoslay gives the possibility to its local customers to return their free bottles for free to recycle them.

‘’Be kind to one another’’:

Ecoslay team think you can make the difference in one another’s life by a simple smile, and make sure to spread only positive vibes on their social media page. They also make sure to be as responsive as possible and provide the best customer experience possible.

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