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TréLuxe was not launched by Kiprono and Cortney to revolutionize the hair care market or to come up with a miracle product. In the beginning, they were just two people looking for an answer to a glaring problem they saw in the market, and they didn’t see anyone working on it. There was a problem: curly hair wasn’t given the same value as straight hair. As a consequence, most hair products were not designed with curlies in mind.

The founders of TreLuxe had an out-of-this-world vision — every curly (and wavy) should be able to feel confident in knowing the products they use are good for their hair and body, and have access to salon-quality products that fight frizz. Using a simple regimen of products to grow and maintain healthy hair, without having to use a ga-zillion products, and to make them feel confident about flaunting their curly crown and empowering others to do the same!

Due to their commitment to the community when they launched the brand, they began using proceeds to support initiatives that benefit under-resourced communities, including health, wellness, and education programs for disadvantaged girls in Chicago’s Southside. Several countless women have achieved their #hairgoals using TréLuxe products, and they have seen the impact they’ve had on their community by sponsoring after-school programs, providing college scholarships to disadvantaged girls, and other TréLuxe initiatives that have helped people to define themselves, enhance their lives, and inspire others!

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