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When you get to choose your curly hair products, there are hundreds even thousands of brands. Some of them are expensive and other are cheaper, so why would you choose Bounce Curl?

The Founder has been graduated with a bachelor’s in science with a focus in Chemistry and has been a formulator in 5 different hair care companies. She always had curly hair herself and always found it difficult to find safe ingredients products. She realised how important it was to use safer ingredients and started formulating Bounce Curl products.

Bounce Curl is a proud member of Think Dirty application, which rates cosmetics products according to the quality of their ingredients, also indicating those who can with carcinogens (cancer causing agents), allergens and hormones disruptors.

All products are rated from 1 to 10. A rating of 0-3 indicates the product is very green and has clean ingredients. All Bounce Curl products have been rated 0 to 3, which means their ingredients are safe and clean.

In the same spirit, Bounce Curl is shifting to a sustainable packaging such as bio-degradable sugar cane tubes and bottles. They care about our Earth and try to improve their products continuously to provide their customers the best quality.

Bounce Curl loves nature and science, their products are made of a smart combination of science and natural ingredients, which brings shine and definition to our curls.

The Founder is also part of the American Chemist Society and is up to date with innovative ingredients development. As she is also the formulator of Bounce Curl products, they all respect the green chemistry principles and their formulation is constantly updated with the best quality and safe ingredients.

Bounce Curl always makes sure their customers use the Best of the Best products. In 2020, Bounce Curl reformulated most of their products and changed their formulation to others with better preservatives. They also shifted from synthetic fragrances to natural fragrances.

As we must be aware that all the ingredients we put on our skin and scalp are absorbed by our body, just like the food we eat, Bounce Curl carefully choose the ingredients they use in their products. All Bounce Curl products contain NO Silicones, Sulfates, Parabens, PEG’s, DEA/MEA, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol and Formaldehydes. They are also Cruelty Free and you can view them on Peta website.

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