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Walking into a room with hair that is larger than life, springs and corkscrews bouncing as you take each stride. Eyes in the room follow your every move. You fold the pieces of yourself back to make yourself smaller, compensating for you hair.


Many of us have been in this position before, whether we walk into a room full of family, colleagues or even strangers. Our curly hair is instantly a topic of conversation. That is not how we do things here at Curlshop, you will never have to compensate who you are based on society’s idea of curly and natural hair.


We believe that all types of natural hair are beautiful and accepted. We believe that taking care of your hair is in of itself self-care. We believe in Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Natural and Clean products. We believe in compassion, honesty and transparency.

We all grew up wishing we could see someone on our screens that slightly resembled how we look. Finding curly hair representation was hard, even more so for individuals with afro-textured hair. Here at Curlshop we want to create that representation for you. It might not seem like it but around the world, there are people who look like you. You just don’t get to see them in the mainstream media.


Curlshop is not about strict rules that are to be followed, but a change in the approach to hair and self-care. You matter and so does your hair. You deserve love and so does hair. Curlshop wants to provide the best and cleanest products for that purpose.

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