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Curl Consultation & Style

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(+19 reviews)

Details of the Curl Consultation & Style :

Overwhelmed by buzzwords, techniques and products? Curlshop Founder Rym is here to help! With our very own styling sessions to help you with any questions, concerns or confusion you may have with your textured hair!

In these one on one 2-hour sessions, we will assess your hair, wash + style and help you make your curls pop with the right technique and products hand-picked just for you.

We want to help you transform your hair and discover its full potential and finally embrace and love your natural hair.

Details of the Styling session:

  • 2-hour session.
  • Assess the hair, its porosity, thickness and density.
  • Shampoo & Condition your hair.
  • Explain styling techniques.
  • Style the hair (Cream and Gel).
  • Diffuse the hair.
(+19 reviews)
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19 Responses

  1. Such a great experience. I’ve learned so much about the nature of my hair and how to style it.
    Products are amazing, very great way to start my curly hair journey 🙂

  2. I have ordered products from curl shop which were delivered quickly and packaged really nicely. I was super happy with my products so I booked a curl styling session. Rym was so friendly and kind and took the time to get to know me and my hair. She helped me build a routine for my hair and gave me products that would suit my specific needs. 100% would recommend the experience if like me you need someone to tell you what’s going to work for you and give you a push in the right direction.

  3. One of my favorite experiences everrrr ????????????

    I enjoyed the full session & learned a-lot about my hair and how to take care of it & how to use the curling product.

    The team is super friendly and big love to Rym as well the products are really great, they suits my hair very well ????

    This experience is a must for all the curly heads ????????‍????

  4. Best experience for my hair !
    Rym knew exactly what kind of products to use on my hair and the right amount ! On top of that, super sweet woman, amazing to talk to.
    The result is amazing my hair is bouncy, super defined and above all super healthy.
    Can’t wait to come back for another amazing session.
    Merci Rym????????

  5. Thank you Rym for teaching me how to handle my usually frizzy and damp curls! Products are great and smell so nice! Rym is also a great person and so passionate about her work and I’m happy to support her business! Best of luck and all the success

  6. Frizzy and undefined curls were the two major problems that I had. Rym not just helped with my problems but gave me the right product that suits my hair. I was welcomed with a huge warm smile and left with beautiful defined curls. I am so happy that I had a session with her. Rym is my go to solutions to all my hair problems. ????????

  7. Not only was the styling session super informative, but also was one of the most fun experiences ever! Rym works with all her heart, joy and passion, and this shows in the results! Although she had to deal with my severely damaged hair, she still managed to make it look amazing, defined and completely frizz-free. It is definitely an experience I will be repeating, and something I recommend to every curly girl out there!

  8. After following Rym on instagram for a while and seeing her gorgeous curls, I decided it was time for me to make an appointment! I’ve been trying to find someone who can work with my curls (thin & no volume) for years now and I can proudly say I came to the right address. Did I mention the haircut??!! Wow! Not an overload of products on my hair (since it tends to weigh my hair down) and an amazing haircut (layers) while keeping my lengths. Rym understood exactly what my hair needed. Please people don’t overthink it and book your appointment! Merci ????

  9. The session really helps a lot, Rym knows what she is doing and the products used are the top products and will definitely be choosen carefully depending on your hair and your needs, I learned the best way to style my hair and how to get the volume I’ve always wanted and what I should do to take care of my hair.
    Very very recommended and definitely will follow up again with a hair cut

  10. I had a fantastic experience with Reem! She is extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with curly hair and gave me great advice about how to manage my hair. Reem is super friendly, polite and professional and I couldnt recommend her enough. It was a really relaxing experience and I cant wait to come back again!

  11. Such a great experience. During the styling session i’ve learned lot of informations what suits my curly hair and what don’t . And Reem is such a friendly person

  12. Rym is simply amazing!! She is positive, sweet, polite and very knowledgable. She really understood my hair and educated me regarding it’s care. She styled my hair beautifully which I simply loved!! I couldn’t believe that it was really my hair that looked so good.
    And I got the best compliment from my 12 year old. “Mom, your hair looks so much younger!!”.
    Thank you again Rym, for doing your magic on my hair.

  13. Rym is a curly hair goddess! She knows it all. I was so worried when I went to her because i thought there was no return from the damage i had done to it and was too overwhelmed by all the curly hair tips online. She was extremely patient , sweet and gave me so much important information on how I could take care of my curls. She transformed my hair to a point where I couldn’t believe that it was my own hair!! I absolutely recommend her to everyone who’s finally tired of wearing their hair straight and wants to wear their natural curls like a crown <3

  14. As soon as Rym opens you the door of her curly lab you can tell she is a real pro ! I really enjoyed my styling session with her as she made so comfortable. Beside, being a busy mum, this curls expert gave me real tips for hair routine , to remain a pretty busy mum 😉
    If you are desperate about your curly hair or just want to pamper yourself, Curlshop is THE place to go !

  15. As soon as Rym opens you the door of her curly lab you can tell she is a real pro ! I really enjoyed my styling session with her as she made me so comfortable. Beside, being a busy mum, this curls expert gave me real tips for my hair routine to remain a pretty busy mum ????
    If you are desperate about your curly hair or just want to pamper yourself, Curlshop is THE place to go !

  16. Totally loved the wash and style service ! My hair has never looked this beautiful. If you have curly hair you must give Rym at Curlshop a shot. You will never look back.

  17. Loved every second of the styling session. Had so much fun learning about curly hair, different ways and techniques to style it. My hair never looked this great, i totally didn’t recognize it. Rym is such a joy to work with, loved her energy, her enthusiasm and passion for curly hair. This experience is a must for all the curly queens out there, Step up your hair game girls.Highly recommend!

  18. Dear Rym,

    Thank you for everything you bring to existence for your curly sisters..
    I have been straightening my hair for 13 years back to back and did not know what to do with my locks.
    Thank you to your tutorials and product guidance I feel so confident and in love with my curls.
    I recommend you very highly for all those who need to know how to embrace their curls.
    100% trustable hands you have and may you keep spreading love like this.
    Keep up the great Job! Hope to see you soon

  19. Absolutely loved my curl consultation. Learnt so much about my hair and techniques to help me get the best out of curls. Definitely recommend and my hair looked fabulous afterwards.


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