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Curly Hair Routine: Do’s and Don’ts

Curly Hair Routine: Do’s and Don’ts

Do you have curly hair and find it a daily struggle to keep your curls bouncy and full of life? You are in the right place!

This article will guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts of your Curly hair routine that will save you time and hassle.

1- Don’t over cleanse your hair

Excessively washing your hair makes it dry and fragile. The sebum naturally created by your sebaceous glands protects your hair and scalp and keeps them healthy and moisturized.

Washing your hair once a week is enough!

 If you feel you need a refresh, you can simply cowash in between your shampoos (cowash = conditioner wash).

Also, you can refresh your curls every morning with a spray, with just water or a hair care spay.

2- Don’t brush your hair when it’s dry

As a Curly Girl, you must have at least once in your curly life experienced brushing your hair when it’s dry… D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! Never brush your hair when it’s dry! It will destroy your curls and accelerate hair loss.

Instead, detangle your hair when it’s wet by applying a conditioner or deep conditioner and using a flexible brush. It will keep your hair soft and protect your curls from breakage.

3- Don’t chemically color or treat your hair

The use of chemical hair color is very harmful for your hair condition as it aggressively removes natural pigments from the inside of the hair shaft and replaces them with synthetic dyes. That’s why hair that has been chemically colored looks dry and very unhealthy. It’s the same for all chemical treatments to that change the texture of your hair.

Instead, promote vegetal hair color if you would like to change your look, like henna which is also acts as a natural hair care product.

4- Do Hydrate and Moisturize

In the Curly world, there is a big question mark around this topic: what’s the difference between Hydration and Moisturization?

As for your own body, to have healthy hair, you need to nourish/moisturize it with food and hydrate it with water.

Oils, butters and protein nourish hair, strengthen them from the inside, preventing them from split ends and brittle hair.

Water based products, Aloe vera or Glycerin hydrate the hair, allowing the curls to be full of life and soft.

5- Do use the right amount of products on your hair

We, Curly Girls, have the tendency to use too much product on our hair. Excess product will weigh down your curls and leave them greasy.

Using the right amount of product comes with time and experience.

After the washing process, section your hair and apply leave in conditioner and other styling products sparingly.

Remove the excess with a microfiber/bamboo towel to keep just the right amount of product.

Air dry or diffuse with a diffuser, in cold air mode.

6- Do avoid the use of heat / styling tools

Keep your curls away from heat! It dries your curls and promotes the formation of split ends and breakage. It can take you a lot of time to recover and bring your curls back to life.

To keep your curls healthy, chose the air dry or cold air function in your hair dryer, using a diffuser.

7- Do protect your hair while sleeping

In the curly worlds, it’s a challenge to keep your curls fresh and bouncy during the night.

Sleeping with hair down will break your curls. That is why it’s very important to protect your curls before going to sleep.

Attach your hair in a pineapple bun on the top of your head, using a silk scrunchie or a spiral hair tie to avoid any mark on your hair and protect your scalp.

Then, to avoid frizz and messy curls, use a silk bonnet, a silk scarf or a silk pillowcase to sleep.

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