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Keep your curls healthy for summer

Summer is fun unless its heat takes a toll on your hair! Keeping your curly hair tip-top during the summer days can be a tough job. While you are all for summer breezy winds and ocean, your hair is not! Let’s learn how you can prepare your hair from the summer heat, humidity, and drying effect of the blazing sun.

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1- Deep condition

If you have curly hair, then you already know that summer is all about frizz and more frizz. The answer? Read below-

  1. Switch to Holy Curls Curl Mask for a healthier and suitable hair care regime designed especially for your hair type. The holy curl mask’s natural formula is all that your hair needs. It hydrates, cleanses, and provides ultimate moisture to your hair without making it greasy, oily, and hard to love.
  2. Shaeri Prickly Pear Intense Care Mask, another natural way to maintain your hair health is by using this mask. The Shaeri mask is concentrated with pear oil and avocado oil, which do wonders for your dry and frizzy, curly hair. Keep your hair nourished, moisturized, and protected from dry ends without taking a lot of heavy load on your head.



2- Balance your diet

Believe it or not! Your eating routine has a huge impact on your hair health. You may not love the green veggies but your body absolutely does! For good lustrous and thick hair, nutrition is essential.Abalanced diet helps nourishing your locks and provides vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth, stronger strands, or prevent hair loss.For example-

  • Spinach, which can source your 54% of daily vitamin A requirements.
  • Fatty fishes, which source omega-3, omega-6, Vitamin B & D3, protein, selenium, and other nutrients which promote growth and strong hair.
  • Avocados can source your 21% of daily vitamin E which repairs damaged hair and makes hair strong.
  • Daily intake of 1.5 L of water defines and hydrates your curly hair.
  • Nuts, oysters, shrimps, beans, meat, sweet potatoes are rich source of different vitamins which can healthifyyour hair to its best.

3- Shampoo with care

While daily washing can be a problem to some, not washing can be to others. Shampooing your hair daily is not recommended, but it is unavoidable in summer due to humidity, sweat, or pool/sea water. The best solution is to go for a co-wash which provides gentle cleansing without stripping the hair and scalp from the natural oils. The Curlsmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash can be a great option to gently cleanse the hair and scalp and moisturize them thanks to its rich formula made of coconut, shea butter and avocado.

Rinsing your hair off with cold or lukewarm water can also do the trick. 

4- Conditioning your hair

Using a conditioner is a mandatory step in your routine anytime, don’t neglect it! During summer, you have to go with a conditioner with a rich formula, such as the Conditioner from Holy Curls. Made with baobab oil, cupuaçubutterand yucca plant extracts, this conditioner will intensely nourish your hair, seal the moisture into your hair and protect it from the heat and sun, it’s a must have for the summer!

5- Use of leave-in conditioners and creams

Another important step to have beautiful, healthy and defined curls, the use of leave-in conditioners and creams to moisture and define the hair.

Curly hair is dry by nature and keeping them moisturized with creams is key! For summer, the Rizos Curls Refresh and Detangle Spray will be your best ally as a leave-in, you can use it as the step 1 of your styling routine, and also to refresh your curls mid-week. The Curlsmith Curl Conditioning Oil-In-Cream will be the perfect fit to moisturize and define your curls. It contains water, oils and creams, which makes it perfect as a styling product!

Damage, frizz, greasiness, and unwanted breakage are things you really want to avoid when your hair is curly. There are many ways to keep your hair healthy; selecting the right products for your hair will take time, but it’s definitely worth it!It’s a journey, be patient and consistent in your routine and you will love to see the results!

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